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PROJEKT PRO MATURANTY | 14.2.2012 Zpět na seznam aktualit Mgr. Sikorová

 The second day of a Polish - Czech Maturita Exam Project now held in our school on February 14 - NEWS, PHOTOS...all photos in section: Fotogalerie / Projekty AJ


Czech and Polish students of "maturita" classes met for the second and last time in our grammar school on 14th February. 

This time the Polish students and their two teachers of English Dominka Sidor and Iwona Grajner learned about the organization and structure of Czech state oral maturita exam in English language.

After arrival and an initial funny game of reintroduction, we warmly welcomed our Polish friends with a small refreshement mainly prepared and baked by our students. There was a short presentation of our school life projected for them afterwards. 

Then a series of workshops followed. In the beginning there were some activities focused on Valentine`s Day and a pair work, which were later replaced by handouts with mock maturita exam of English. Czech and also Polish students tried to pass the basic and higher levels of exam, evaluated and gave points to their classmates, so played both roles of students and teachers as well. After lunch at 1 p.m. the whole group of students worked on final class activities in English, translated Polish and Czech song into English, sang and socialised. 

 The rest of the afternoon we spent walking to the centre of Karviná, seeing an exhibition in the museum on the square and talking about the aims, contentment and results of our Polish - Czech Maturita Exam Project. 

In my opinion, everybody were satisfied even it was a hard work for all of us!

Thanks to you all:-)))

autor: D. Sikorová

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