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About our school

This is Gymnazium Karvina, a grammar-school type of a secondary school. At first sight nothing special - an ordinary school like building with a sportsfield, which used to be suitable for physical education before it was flooded due to heavy rains and bad drainage. (It is being reconstructed at the moment.)

But come closer - you will see about 600 young tallented future doctors, artists, sportsmen, politicians, teachers, engineers, in short-experts of all kinds. Judged by the results of various competitions among schools in the town, region, the Czech Republic or even Central Europe, their best subjects are maths, computer studies and sports. But, from time to time, there appears a remarkable success even in languages. Everybody has to study English.

And you know - if you have to do something, you don't usually like it. But everybody knows English is the most important language of today, so nobody complains. Then there is one more language students have to learn - either German or Spanish or French. Learning languages can be pretty difficult and boring - vocabulary, grammar rules, pronunciation, spelling, swotting facts about countries where the particular language is spoken (geography, history, literature, interesting places, way of life, system of government and so on and so on). Fortunately there are ways how to make it more bearable. More or less regularly students can visit Austria, England, France, Spain, Switzerland. To be frank, languages are not the most important thing there, but still (or therefore?) these trips are very popular with the students. If only they could stay there much longer than several days!

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